How to Find ffxiv Screenshot Folder on Windows and PlayStation

Some ffxiv gamers want to save beautiful images using a screenshot method. Indeed, you can do it and create a ffxiv screenshot folder. Before that, you need to know everything about this method, including the ffxiv default screenshot folder and finding screenshot folder ffxiv.

ffxiv screenshot folder

Where can I find the screenshot folder for ffxiv?

It is the most common question for first-time gamers after saving the screenshot. Finding ffxiv screenshot folder location is straightforward. You can set it on the system configuration. Open the system configuration first.

ffxiv system configuration

Then, you will see six different options to choose from. Focus on the second option if you want to screenshot specific scenes. Click the change folder button and specify the place where you want to save the folder and images from the screenshot result.

Find the screenshot folder based on the location you have decided. This trick is working for Windows and macOS versions only.

How do I take ffxiv screenshot?

You need to screenshot several ffxiv scenes after creating a ffxiv screenshot folder. You only have to press the print screen key or Prt Sc key on the PC or computer keyboard. The result will automatically go to the folder you have created and saved before.

Is it possible to take a ffxiv screenshot using a gamepad? Yes, it is possible. You only have to press the LB and Start buttons to create a screenshot. Those who are playing this game on PS4 and want to create a screenshot only have to press the share button. Use the create button if you are taking ffxiv screenshots using PS5.

Where can I find a screenshot folder for FFXIV with a default mode?

How about if you don’t create a folder or decide the location to save the screenshot yet? So, where are ffxiv screenshots saved in a default mode?

  • Windows 

Let say you are playing on a Windows device. The system will automatically save the screenshot result at %HomePath%\Documents\My Games\FFXIV\Screenshots. Another alternative to finding your screenshot folder is by opening the file explorer option.

Type the word file explorer into the start menu. A new file explorer window will open. Go to the left side of the screen and click the documents option. Now, go to my games option and click the ffxiv and screenshots. That’s it! You will see all the ffxiv images from your screenshot.

  • PlayStation 4 

ffxiv gamers who take a screenshot from PS4 are also confused to access the result. You only have to go to the PlayStation menu after pressing the share button. Then, go to the library application. Find out the capture gallery option. Your ffxiv screenshot folder is on the Final Fantasy: XIV option.

Now, you can create a screenshot from ffxiv as many times as you want. Check your ffxiv screenshot folder once you finish creating it by following the above instructions. Then, you can use the images for anything you want.

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